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300 led/reel 5050 flexible led strip


1. Light source: 5050 SMD LED, tri-chip, Epistar chip from Taiwan.
2. Color option: White, gree, blue, yellow, red, warm white, cool white,etc
3. LED quantity: 60PCS/meter
6. PCB Width: 10 mm
7. Colours for pcb: Yellow, White, Black.
8. Working Voltage: DC 12V
9. Working current: 560-600 mA
10.Wattage/m: 14.4 W
11.Viewing angle: 120 degrees
12.Packing for LED strip light: 5 meters/ reel
13. Measurement for carton box: 50*35*31.5 cm
14. Net Weight: 380 g/reel. every 300 meter per a carton box.


1) Available in 12V or 24V
2) Maintenance free, easy to install with 3M sdhesive tape on the back.
3) Various models which are suitable for different indoor or outdoor
4) Linear separable LED strip on the flexible FPC with self-adhesive 3M tape on its back
5) Energy Saving, Long span life, about 50,000 hrs
6) Each unit of 3 LEDs can be cut out at regular segments without damaging the rest ribbon.
7) Dream color flexible strip is a linear high-end decorative light, use White FPC flexible PCB board
8) Super-bright, low power consumption, only 14.4 watt per meter
9) Programmable, easy control, long life, low power, convenient installation
10) With automatically packaging, we not only guarantee the quality, reduce intermediate links in circulation and the cost, but also make the package satisfactory and the quality stable. Therefore, our product has the characteristic of cost-effective.


1.Architectural decorative lighting
2.Emergency walkway lighting
3.Archway, canopy and bridge edge lighting
4.Amusement park,theater and aircraf cabin mood lighting
5.Cove lighting
6.Stairway accent lighting
7.Backlighting for signage letters
8.Channel letter lighting

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