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Mutilcolor 12mm LED Pixel Light

LED pixel light Specification:
1. Voltage: DC5V                        
2. Current: 60mA                        
3. Consumption:0.3W(Max)                         
4. Working temperature:�C40- 60C
5. Beam Angle: 90-110 degree.               
5. IP rate: IP65                          
6. Diamter: 12mm
7. LED type: 1pcs stawhat led and 1 pcs LPD1101IC            
8. Every 50 pcs per a string, each module could be single out.


1. It fully exert the advantages of point light source,convenient for synchronous color changes, sectionalized changes, scanning, text animation display and so on,so as to make its application more flexible, it is widely used in light-emitting word, special-shaped screen, wall lighting, background wall and other projects,
2. it has compact appearance, plugging card-style design, and using drilling installation design which allow it to be freely tailored, connected and make installation and maintenance easier
3. its scientific water-proof treatment project makes it competent in the outdoor enviroment. ( IP65).
4. with UV powder on the cover, protect from UV.


widely used for the illuminate signge, channel letter, outdoor signage, ect.

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