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RGB LED Pixel Light



1. LEDs are housed t by injection machine and using UV powder to protect from UV radiation
2. SCF12-1RGB as Lighting resource is ideal for outside channel letter and the bright lighting projects for the large-scale panel with super brightness and vivid color.
3. Totally Waterproof. IP65.
4. The cover is made of proper flexible silica gel so that it is more convenient and steady for installation. you can push or pull it easily from hole.
5. LEDs can be taken out freely. you can push or pull it easily from hole which is convenient for installing and maintaining because of reasonable designing.
6. Graceful exterior with transparent color, or it can be made to any color match with your channel.
7. The length of connecting wire is 100mm��5%;




1. Electronic signs
2. Channel letters
3. LED light strips
4. Automotive lighting
5. Festival decoration
6. Advertisement light-box

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