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Super brightness LED Direct lighting

1. Wide Beam angle: 90-110 degree
2) Energy efficient, major reduction in power costs
3) Low heat, high brightness, works well under harsh conditions
4) Full range of colors: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, White
5) Solid-State, and High Shock/Vibration Resistant


1. Power 0.3W
2. LED Type 8mm exposure hole light. Adopt taiwan 14mil LED chip encapsulation
3. Input voltage/Current DC5V/60 mA
4. Size: diameter 12mm
5. Length Of Connection Line 100MM regular, and that could also be customer-made.
6. every 50 pcs per a chain, each one could be single out
7. Lighting Angle 120��
8. Working Temperature  -25��C-+60��C


Installation of LED pixel light:

1.Materials choice: aluminium,iron,stainless steel,Acrylic,aluminimu plastic etc.

2.The thickness of the material can be choosen freely which depand on the scope from 0.8mm-40mm of the letterform.

3.The way of the hole:laser cutting,water cutting,plasma cutting,hydraulic pressure and punch etc.

4.The standard diameter of the hole:12mm. and the distance between every 2 hole is 30mm(center to center)

5.Each strand has 50 corns,reasonable design and easy to assembly,finally connect the lead wire on DC5V directly.

6.Bi-directional up loading and down loading which easy to solve the difficulties of the device maintenance


Dimension Diagramm:


Installation Guide



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